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Museum Quality Conservation

Trusted Clients Include Museums, Historical Societies, Archives, City Clerks, Libraries, & Private Individuals

Conservation and Preservation Services

Heron Kross provides expert conservation of all types of paper objects. Due to the vulnerable nature of paper, proper care and conservation techniques must be followed to improve and stabilize the condition of each object. 

Photograph Conservation

Conservation of Artworks on Paper

Family Heirloom Conservation

Historical Document Conservation

Water & Fire Damage Restoration

Collection Surveys & Inspections

Each object receives a comprehensive assessment to determine its integrity and unique conservation needs.

Before & After

Conservation Treatments Improve the Appearance and Integrity of Historical and Personally Valuable Objects. 


Judy Garland Concert Poster

This poster was surface cleaned, washed, and slowly dried. All tears were mended, holes were filled, and the minor media loss was inpainted. Here you can see the back of the poster before and after treatment when the planar distortions were minimized.

Ding Darling before.jpg

Stain Reduction

This etching had been water damaged which caused extensive staining and soiling at the bottom right corner. The stains were almost completely removed and the soiling was greatly reduced allowing the artistic composition to shine through once more. 

2013-12-02 13.09_edited.jpg
2014-02-18 14.43_edited.jpg

Tear Repair

This blueprint had a completely detached corner, which was flattened and put back in place. 

Photograph Repair

Moisture caused this photograph's emulsion to stick to its framing glass. The stuck-on emulsion was removed from the glass and put back on the photograph with very minimal inpainting.

Document Repair

This was a multi-page letter that was heavily torn and soiled. Each page was cleaned and mended so it could be handled safely.


For preservation purposes, these pieces were reassembled and and the whole object lined. There was no compensation for media loss as this object was not meant for display. 

Detailed. Quality. Trusted.

"Her treatment of a very rare poster was incredible. She brilliantly balanced maintaining signs of use as a part of its history while reducing signs of age and wear which were very distracting. I'm very pleased and look forward to working with her again!"

-private client

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