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Professional paper conservator Erin Naylor, founded Heron Kross, LLC in order to save historical documents, artworks on paper, family heirlooms, and to bring new life to old things. 

French Literature

Erin Naylor

Owner & Conservator

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Whether she is conserving priceless historical documents for prestigious institutions or personal items of significant sentimental value, Erin loves hearing the stories and learning the history of each object she is entrusted to conserve.

Erin was awarded her Master’s Degree in Art Conservation from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She is a specialist in the preservation and conservation of paper artifacts. Erin has experience working with private clients and institutions across the Midwest to preserve valuable history and important stories. Her experience has given Erin a holistic understanding of needs and issues facing conservation.

Erin provides conservation assessment, treatment of paper objects, collection inspections, and surveys. This allows Erin to provide detailed recommendations and knowledge regarding the health and needs of each collection and work with clients to create plans to improve and maintain the integrity of their valued possessions. 


Erin is a Member of the American Institute for Conservation (AIC) and has achieved Professional Member status which ensures that she remains up-to-date on the most advanced technologies, processes, and practices in conservation. 

The AIC is the national membership organization supporting conservation professionals in preserving cultural heritage by establishing and upholding professional standards, promoting research and publications, providing educational opportunities, and fostering the exchange of knowledge among conservators, allied professionals, and the public.

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